There are relatively few spots which offer you a surrounding composition of rainforests and a urban wilderness. Sasthampara presents unique edges as though in a quick paced film.

The dim Agasthya slope reach disintegrates into a horticultural town and after that to the capital city once your eyes have voyage 360 degrees. Also the dusk that consolidations it all. 

The rough stature at Karuvilanchi in Vilappil panchayat is a station of nature 1,800 feet above ocean level. The cookout detect 14 kilometers southwest of Thiruvananthapuram draws voyagers with its perspectives and in addition the Dharma Sastha Temple which gave the stones its name. Several lakes and the chill on the hillock are included attractions.

The landscape, notwithstanding, neglects to cover for the statures of disregard confronted by the destination. The administration has disregarded the Sasthampara country tourism venture for long. The main open trust spent on Sasthampara was the Rs 50 lakh allocated by the Kerala government in 2004. The works were finished in 2013 by the District Tourism Promotion Council.

Key requests, for example, a street or wellbeing highlights on the hillock were overlooked in the venture. A safe house for voyagers, a recreation center for the youngsters and a rest room were constructed as a component of the undertaking. Indeed, even these were done in a random manner. Also, they advantage nobody however the opposition to social components, who have vandalized the majority of the offices on the slope.

The undertaking should incorporate a diner, garden and washroom on top of the slope. However they stay on paper.

The individuals who originate from Thiruvananthapuram city can achieve Sastampara through Vilappilsala, Manali, Killi or Kundamoozhi. All the streets to this heaven have been broken for quite a long time.

Sasthampara was overlooked when the state government, Thiruvananthapuram area panchayat and Nemom piece panchayat reserved lakhs of rupees for tourism advancement over the region. The rough slope has colossal potential in tourism advancement. At the same time powers are yet to wake up to it.

There are a great deal of thoughts gliding around to make Sasthampara click among guests. A ropeway can unite Sasthampara to the Kadambupara in Kattakkada panchayat, making it more open. Building iron scaffolds interfacing the stones and setting up a water move over the stone are different undertakings that could be possible without much venture.

Nature has been thoughtful to Sasthampara. Yet the administrations choose not to see towards its excellence. Whatever other state would have advanced such a picturesque little place to an absolute necessity see destination.

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