The people who going to Gulf country must know it.

Its very common that, when you going to any Gulf country, people send gifts to their relatives who work in the Gulf. Most of them take it this parcel and deliver their friend in Gulf country. 

Now read this before taking any parcels to Gulf. Sometimes your friend's parcel can take you to jail.

Ashkar ( name changed ) he was traveling to Saudi, some unknown person approaches him and asked to deliver one food parcel to his brother in Saudi, He didn't open and checked that parcel and carried to his destination, while he reaches the customs, they found inside pack drugs was hiding.

Some point should note to carry before any parcels.

1. Don't take any parcels from an unknown person ( some people may approach you from airport)

2. If some friend give you to deliver any items, ask them to hand over without packing.

3. If its a packed parcel, open the package and check properly. 

4. If its medicine, ask for the doctor prescription

5. Food items try to avoid

6. Knife, scissors, liter etc.. are dont accept.

7. Pets and birds also not accept

8. Fengshui plats and any religious ornaments should avoid.

Share this news to your friends and relatives to save their lives in aboard.