Swimming with sharks, Says Pulsar Suni

An another improvement in the Kerala Actress hijack and kidnapping case, pictures surfaced on Sunday of Pulsar Suni, prime blamed for the case, Pu;sar suni spoted at shoot areas of Malayalam actor Dileep's film location. This, after the actor had asserted over and again to the police that he never knew Pulsar Suni. 

The kidnapping case has turned murkier as far back as the name of actor Dileep got connected for the case. In spite of the fact that a couple of sources in the police office guaranteed that arrest was inescapable, a senior officer said that Dileep, Nadirshah and others would be called for second round of questing. 

Not much headway was initially made into the conspiracy angle though those involved in the crime were arrested in a week's time. Still police not able to connect a direct link between actor dileep and psulsar suni.

The photos, appeared in TV channels on Sunday, that prove the statement that actor dileep was given to plolice about connection between him and pulsar suni was wrong.

The photos were taken at a club in Thrissur in Kerala in November amid the shooting of Dileep's film "Georgechettan's Poorem". 

Despite the fact that the photos don't indicate Dileep and Pulsar Suni together, police trust that the two knew each other.

In another development by Media, the investigation group has followed the call records of Pulsar Suni. It was discovered that Suni called Dileep's PA Appunni thrice from jail. One such call, as indicated by reports, continued for a couple of minutes. 

The police have traced four mobile numbers that pulsarsuni made frequent calls from November to a few days before the actress attack. These four numbers were in connected with actor Dileep Manager Mr. Appunni.

 Advt. Pheney Balakrishnan has revealed on media that two men had approached him for regarding Pulsar Suni's surender and they were getting permissions from someone they called as 'Madam'. 

Notwithstanding, News Plus Malayalam reports that police are inquiring actor and Dileep's new wife Kavya and her mother. Kavya's mother could also to be called in for questioning.