SpiceJet has launched a series of new ancillary services for its passengers.

The Indian low-cost carrier will now enable passengers to pay extra for special assistance at airports, priority check-in services, priority baggage and insurance.

The new services can be purchased online up to two hours prior to departure, while the baggage service can be purchased either in advance or at the time of check-in.

Under the airport assistance service, called ‘Spice Assist’, passengers can pay INR500 (US$7.80) to receive help from SpiceJet’s airport staff, both when departing and arriving.

The ‘Priority Check-in’ service allows passengers to check-in at priority counters for a fee of INR200, while the ‘Bag-out-first’ service (INR100) ensures that the passenger’s bag arrives at the baggage carousel first.

Finally, Spice Assurance is available for INR35 per flight and offers compensation for baggage loss, flight delays and cancellations.

These new ancillaries add to SpiceJet’s existing collection  of add-ons, including in-flight meals and extra legroom seats.