Dharam Sankat Mein survey: Naseeruddin Shah shakes as MSG-style Baba and Paresh Rawal is splendid

Dharam Sankat Mein is a pleasant amazement at the onset. Paresh Rawal's Gujju character Dharam walks alongside his family to a session with a celebrated profound master, Neel Anand Baba. He's not so much persuaded of the Baba's chamatkaar. Everything connected with the Baba is straightforwardly a return to his name – the clothing is blue, the stage is blue, the caps that the aficionados wear are additionally blue. Before sitting down, Dharam discovers a post and articulates a supplication to God as a knee jerk response, chasing after which individuals him start offering petitions to God to the shaft. 

Baba ends up being a cartoonish over the top MSG-sort rockstar who makes his amazing passage on a bike, as the aficionados applaud and cheer in stunningness and firecrackers crackle in the setting. As a reward, the Baba is played by Naseeruddin Shah, whose brilliant, conscious hamming is just coordinated by his caricaturish hairpiece and ensemble. Each word Shah's Baba expresses is gospel to his crazed supporters. It's amusing stuff, and a delicate cursing of misinformed confidence and religious enthusiasm that is so predominant in the nation.