7kg gold stolen from Sharjah Malabar Gold recovered and 3 suspects arrested.

UAE Police have arrested three persons who robbed the Malabar Gold and Diamonds showroom in Rolla, Sharjah, and recovered Dh1.5 million worth of gold. Police said that four Pakistanis were included in the incident, one of whom fled the nation a couple of hours after the incident. Three of them had entered the country on visit visas, and one had a residency visa. Saturday morning, at 3.53am, the robbers broke into the store and took the jewellery that was shown on the counters. At a Press conference, the Sharjah Police Chief said the experience of the CID officers and the shop's early detection alert contributed in solving the robbery rapidly rapidly arresting the robbers.

Police said the alarm associated with the police operations room alerted its staff, which quickly dispatched the nearest station. Officers arrived in five minutes. When they reached the store, they found the front gate of showroom closed and needed to contact the owner to open the premises to check the robbery. The owner arrived in 30 minutes and found that all the gold on display had vanished. Police quickly formed a group to examine and investigate the CCTV footage, which demonstrated a robber snatching the gold and one waiting at the entrance.

Quick and Planned Robbery

The Criminal Investigation Department said that two persons stole jewellery kept in display counters. All gold jewellery stores and banks connect with the police operations room. When the Pakistani robbers broke the door and entered the shop around 3:55am, the alarm went off. In just three minutes, the robbers entered the shop, collected gold and ran away. 

The Pakistani robbers had left the jewellery store, when the police arrived. One robber was standing at the entrance and kept watch while the other robber broke the display glass counter and collected gold including necklaces,  rings and so on, weighing 7 kg, worth around Dh1.5 million. 

The police soon managed to recognize the robber with a residency visa. While at first denying the charges, he later informed the police regarding another robber who was arrested with the help of Dubai Police. The second robber revealed that the gold was with a Dubai-based cargo organization and would be sent to Pakistan within hours. Police raided the organization and found the gold and diamonds in bag of men's apparel which was to be stacked on a cargo flight to Pakistan. Police arrested the third Pakistani robber, who said that the fourth one - who appeared in the footage and entered the country on a visit visa four days before the incident - had left for Pakistan a couple of hours after the burglary. 

Police said that there are 16 cameras installed in the showroom. The police were able to see the suspects in the camera footage. The robbers were not wearing masks. Police said that it was a planned robbery. Police have urged owners not to leave large amounts of money in their offices and to make sure outlets have adequate security.