DGP Kerala says he had objected for the visits of PM Modi, Rahul Gandhi during fire work rescue-relief work in Kollam, Kerala.

The Kerala Director General of Police had objected Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to Kollam inside of hours of the blast at a temeple amid a firecrackers show Sunday that left more than 100 dead and almost 400 harmed. 

DGP T P Senkumar told The media on Thursday that the whole police division was occupied in salvage and alleviation work and the visits by Modi and Congress VP Rahul Gandhi implied that they needed to guarantee their "wellbeing and security" also. 

"I objected to the Prime Minister going to the locale inside of 12 hours of the mishap. I let them know it would be better for the PM to visit the spot a day after the debacle. In any case, the PM needed to visit that day itself. Our whole constrain had been working from early morning, occupied with salvage and alleviation work. So much work was still left and every one of them were drained in light of the fact that there was no procurement of drinking water. We needed to make plans for the wellbeing and security of Prime Minister Modi and Congress VP Rahul Gandhi as well," he said. 

Asked who from the Prime Minister's Office had reached him, Senkumar said it was the SPG who addressed him. "Amid normal visits, a standard convention is taken after and the insinuation experiences the secretary concerned and the legislature. As this was a crisis circumstance, I comprehend that the PM addressed the Chief Minister whose office educated me about the visit and said the SPG would call me." "I was likewise there at the spot. It was a day when we were all completely held up in the enormous salvage and help work. So I clarified the circumstance and recommended that he visit on Monday. Anyway, once the Prime Minister chooses to visit, we must choose between limited options other than make courses of action for his security," DGP said. 

In his report to the Kerala Home Secretary on Thursday, Senkumar faulted the Kollam area organization for the sanctuary calamity. His report expressed that the common organization was truant in augmenting support amid salvage and alleviation work. "At the point when our men were very nearly crumple, no game plan had been made to supply them notwithstanding drinking water. The locale organization was truant amid these stages," he said.