Chalakudy DYSP K.K Raveendran insulted family that went through parallel road in Paliyekkara Toll Plaza.

Rural SP had submitted the report regarding the DYSP (K.K Raveendran) insulted M.V Harikumar and family with a kid who was traveling to Trivandrum to Palaghadu and he avoid Paliyekkara Toll Plaza and used a parallel road to avoid the Toll Fee. But Chalakudy DYSP stop him on the way and took his all document forcefully. According to DYSP Raveendran the parallel road can use only the native people and not for every one. Harikumar had given a complaint with a proof of video to Home minister of Kerala and DGP. Rural SP had did a quick inquiry and the report says what was DYSP Raveendran did is wrong. This incident was took place on January 7 th. 

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