Could this be the phantom of one of Henry VIII's wives?

 Tourist transport driver snaps spooky figure of a lady at Hampton Court Palace where Catherine Howard was detained before being guillotined 

Trevor Tye, 45, took photo of the marble staircase out in the open passageway 

When he took a gander at picture, Mr Tye spotted spooky figure of young lady 

Catherine Howard, Henry VIII's fifth wife, was guillotined at castle in 1542 

Royal residence said there have been a few asserted sightings of Ms Howard's soul 

A transport driver cases to have caught an apparition on camera while going to the regal royal residence where one of Henry VIII's wives was decapitated. 

Trevor Tye, 45, was at Hampton Court Palace when he took a genuinely routine photo of the marble staircase. 

Yet, when he came back from the sixteenth century stately home, he took a gander at the photo again and recognized the figure of a young lady stood shockingly in the general population passageway. 

Mr Tye claims he sent the photo to the castle, which educated him that a security protect had recognized the phantom of a young lady or young lady in the same spot over and over. 

Catherine Howard, Henry VIII's fifth wife, was executed at the royal residence in 1542 for supposedly having an unsanctioned romance with her first cousin Sir Thomas Culpeper and her apparition is still said to frequent the spot. 

Mr Tye, from York, said: 'I didn't understand I had discovered anything bizarre until I returned home and a companion took a gander at some of my photos and said "who is that young lady?" 

'I couldn't trust it as the room was totally void when I took the photo so I realize that it is highly unlikely it is somebody in the shot. 

'I have had the photo inspected by specialists and everybody has said the photo has not been messed with by any stretch of the imagination, so for me the main clarification is that it is an apparition.' 

Mr Tye, who works for York Pullman Bus Company, has been an enthusiastic phantom seeker for over 10 years however says this is the clearest confirmation he has ever seen. 

'It is without a doubt one of the best cases of a phantom being gotten on camera and I think this is particularly valid since the security watchman could affirm that he has seen the same figure as well,' he said. 

'I was extremely cautious while taking the photo to guarantee nobody was in the room - the exact opposite thing I needed was somebody destroying my shot. 

'Lamentably most by far of phantom pictures you see are faked so I am truly satisfied to have found something like this.' 

Catherine Howard was dragged shouting through the castle subsequent to being blamed for infidelity and detained. 

In the wake of being guillotined, it is said that her soul came back to frequent the home she had imparted to her spouse. 

One room of Hampton Court has gotten to be referred to as the Haunted Gallery as there have been such a variety of charged sightings of her. 

Guests to the room have portrayed listening to shouts and seeing specters in the exhibition. It is said she is generally found in a white outfit. 

He said: 'I don't know who the phantom is, however it is either a young lady or maybe a young lady of perhaps 16 or 17. It is difficult to make out the age of her dress however it doesn't look current. 

'It would seem that she is looking down and perusing something on a stand before her. 

'I am not frightened by the photo and would joyfully backpedal to Hampton Court, yet I question I'll catch anything entirely like this once more.' 

Hampton Court, home to Henry the VIII, has long been celebrated around the world for its phantoms. 

His third wife Jane Seymour is additionally said to frequent the royal residence in the wake of biting the dust there in 1537. 

The castle's site records Sibell Penn, the Lady in Gray, and a "Skeletor" figure got on CCTV in 2003 as apparitions who may frequent the home. 

Hampton Court's site states: 'Hampton Court Palace, with its 500 years of history, has seen numerous sensational illustrious occasions from the passing of Henry VIII's third wife, Jane Seymour, to the judgment and house capture of his fifth, Catherine Howard, for infidelity. 

'Throughout the hundreds of years, staff, guests, laborers and occupants have encountered odd marvels for which there is regularly no handy clarification.' 


Catherine of Aragon: Five newborn children stillborn or kicked the bucket soon after conception. Just survivor was Mary. Marriage finished in separation - and split with Rome - in 1533. 

Anne Boleyn: One surviving youngster, Elizabeth. Had no less than two unnatural birth cycles - including a kid lost following four months. Executed for treachery in 1536. 

Jane Seymour: Married Henry in 1536. Delivered his just male beneficiary Edward. Said to be Henry's favbourite, she passed on 12 days after the conception in 1537 at 29 years old. The King felt she was his 'first genuine wife'. 

Anne of Cleves: Queen from January to July 1540, matured 24. Marriage was never authoritatively fulfilled and hence invalidated. She was given a liberal settlement. 

Catherine Howard: Married 1540, matured around 15. Discovered Hentry unpleasant and engaged in extramarital relations with a squire, who was Henry's cousin. She was executed for infidelity in 1542 

Katherine Parr: Married at 31 in 1543. Remarried six months after Henry kicked the bucket in 1548 and got to be pregnant without precedent for her mid-30s.