Confronting Backlash, Maharashtra Government Relaxes Rules on Marathi Films

MUMBAI:  even with a tremendous backfire, the Maharashtra government today changed its request driving multiplexes to screen a Marathi film each nighttime. 

Not long ago, the legislature had said that multiplexes must save no less than one screen for Marathi movies somewhere around 6 and 9 pm. Presently whenever somewhere around 12 and 9 pm has been pronounced worthy. 

The request had incited savage feedback from the film business and others, who blamed the administration for attempting to force its will on managers of private films. 

"This is bad for vote based system. You can ask for silver screens to give a prime time space to Marathi film, you can just demand. This is not in great taste," said Ashok Pandit, an individual from the national film blue pencil board. 

The state government had said it needed to advance Marathi movies. 

The past Congress-NCP government had likewise made it compulsory for silver screens to show Marathi movies. Anyhow state Culture Minister Vinod Tawde said the guideline was evaded by managers who screened the provincial movies at odd hours.