AAP leader Dhirendra Ishwar killed, his body dumped close swamp in Delhi. 

The body of an AAP leader Dhirendra Ishwar was found close to a bog, where it was supposedly dumped after he was fiercely killed, at external Delhi's Begumpur zone on Monday. 

Ishwar had left home on Sunday night to go to a social affair in west Delhi's Nangloi zone and neglected to return. Ishwar was supposedly cut numerous times, his privates slashed off and his face crushed with an overwhelming article, said a cop. 

Ishwar was the Purvanchal Wing region president of Aam Aadmi Party, who had propelled a yoga establishment in the region around a fortnight prior yet that must be closed down on account of some continuous property debate, said the officer. 

Ishwar left home around 6 PM on Sunday and rang his wife around 7.30 PM and said that he would leave for home with a partner in a while, the officer said. 

Around 7 AM on Monday, local people discovered Ishwar's body close to a marsh, which is under 100 meters far from his habitation, and raised a caution. Police groups raced to the spot and Ishwar's family was educated. His relatives distinguished the body by the coat, said the officer. 

"The police have enrolled an instance of homicide and a few persons have been addressed. The body of the expired has been sent for posthumous examination," DCP (Outer) Vikramjit Singh said. 

Police were yet to find out whether Ishwar was murdered close to his home or was he executed elsewhere and afterward the body dumped at the bog close to his home. By all appearances it is an instance of individual hatred and the police haven't precluded the likelihood of contempt wrongdoing, an authority said.