Here are some well known Bollywood and worldwide celebrities who have adopted kids.

From Sushmita Sen and Mithun Chakraborty to Sandra Bullock and Madonna, famous celebrities have set a lovely illustration for society by adopted kids. 


Previous Miss Universe Sushmita Sen was only 25-years of age when she embraced her little girl Renee. While numerous individuals raised eyebrows at her choice, this did not trouble the youthful decided lady, why should prepared tackle the part of a single parent. Furthermore, she soon tailed it by embracing another young lady kid, Alisha. 

Here is the thing that Sushmita said in a meeting after she had embraced Renee, "Being Renee's mom is the most astounding and satisfying background of my life. I know how exhausted that sounds, yet it's valid. I have developed as a man, and Renee has advanced in coupled with me." 

Looking at being a solitary guardian, she said, "It's testing and being a single parent isn't simple, yet you learn so much, and it truly makes you value your own particular folks." 


We are certain you don't have a clue about this bit about moving star Mithun Chakraborty. The yesteryear star discovered a child young lady in a rubbish receptacle, and he received her. 

He named her Dishani, and she has grown up with his organic children, as their genuine sister. 


Raveena Tandon has two received little girls, Chhaya and Pooja. Raveena was only 21 when she stepped of turning into a solitary guardian, while the two young ladies were then 8 and 11, separately. What's more, this was much before she wedded film maker Anil Thadani. 

In a meeting, Raveena uncovered, "They are an inaccessible cousin's kids. Because of specific circumstances in their family, they required somebody to love and deal with them. Both have been a piece of my life from that point onward. I have never concealed anything from them." In another meeting she included, "I was only 21 years of age, when I received two young ladies. Yet, they were similar to the two sisters I never had. We grew up together. Truth be told, I let them know every one of the errors that I made in my life, with the goal that they wouldn't make the same in theirs." 

Raveena is currently a glad mother of two organic children - Rasha and Ranbir. 


Neelam and Samir got married in 2011, and in 2013 they got to be glad folks to an embraced child young lady. They named her Ahana. 

Here is the thing that the elated mother and performer Neelam needs to say in regards to her child young lady, "The minute she went into the room, she took a gander at us and flashed her million-dollar grin. That was sufficient for us to bring her home." 


South Indian movie actress and Bharatnatyam artist Shobana excessively adopted a little girl in 2010. She named her Anantha Narayani. 


The "Khalnayak" chief brought Meghna into his home when she was only a young lady. He raised Meghna like his own particular kid, and even sent her to London to seek after her higher studies. 

Meghna is currently joyfully hitched, and deals with her dad's film school, Whistling Woods International. 


Arpita Khan is the dear girl of the Khan family, and her siblings completely hover over her. 

At the point when Salim Khan strolled into his home with youthful Arpita, everybody acknowledged her with open arms and hearts. She is really Salim Khan and his second wife Helen's received girl. 


Did you realize that when Preity Zinta turned 34, she likewise turned into a single parent of 34 young ladies? Yes, in 2009, Preity "received" 34 young ladies from the Mother Miracle School in Rishikesh. The on-screen character cares for their instruction and prosperity. 

Here is the thing that the performing artist told IANS in a meeting, "I've received 34 young ladies. I'll be caring for their whole childhood from instruction to sustenance, garments and so on. You've no thought how awesome it feels to hear the energized gab of every one of these young ladies together." 


The on-screen character, who is known for his capricious decision in movies, "embraced" six underprivileged children. He "received" the children from Andaman and Nicobar Islands, where his philanthropy association works. 

Rahul selected the children in a presumed school in Andhra Pradesh so they can fabricate a superior future for themselves. Discussing this activity, the on-screen character told IANS, "Recently I arrived to welcome Pratima, Rukhsar, Matrena, Bindu, Jinu and Animesh at Rishi Valley (Andhra Pradesh) where they were put for further training. It was a to a great degree passionate minute in my life." 


Surely understood Bollywood choreographer Sandip Soparrkar received a child much before he wedded model Jesse Randhawa. In 2007, Sandip embraced a child, Arjun, and turned into a single parent. 


The 'Oye Lucky! Fortunate Oye!' executive embraced a young lady from a halfway house in Mumbai. Following quite a while of research material and appropriation system, Dibakar and his wife Richa bring their girl Ira into their home. 

Discussing his little girl, here is the thing that Dibakar told a main day by day, "We've named her Ira. We changed off totally from the world throughout the weekend to become acquainted with our little girl." 


The 'Kal Ho Na Ho' executive and his wife Suporna embraced an infant young lady, Keya. They embraced her in 2006. 

The gushing father frequently takes breaks from his occupied calendar to invest energy with Keya. They embraced her when she was four years of age. 


The 'Murmur Tum' chief and his wife Raveena excessively received a young lady youngster. They adopted Radha after truly a difficult appropriation process. 

Here is the thing that Kunal needs to say, "We were anticipating receiving for some time now. At last, it's happened. Raveena has enjoyed a maternity reprieve from work. The entire family is energized, my guardians, companions... everybody. My girl has realized a family gathering." 


Laila is Bullock's second youngster. In 2010, the on-screen character received a child, Louis Bardo, who was three months old around then. 


In July 2015, the Oscar-winning performing artist received an African-American young lady conceived in the U.S., and named her August. She is additionally mother to child Jackson, who was received in 2012 from South Africa. 


In 2002, Angelina Jolie received her first tyke Maddox from Cambodia. In July 2005, little girl Zahara was received from Ethiopia. The couple went ahead to embrace child Pax from Vietnam in 2007. 


In 2006, the pop star received David Banda from Malawi. After three years, she embraced little girl Mercy Chifundo James after a furious selection fight. 


After their marriage in 1990, the A-rundown couple received girl Isabella in 1993 and Connor two years after the fact. Both children chose to stay with Cruise after the couple's separation. 


The couple are folks to received girl Ava and child Oscar. 


In 2000, the "Essential Instinct" star adopted her first child Roan with then-spouse Phil Bronstein. After the separation, she received two more children — Laird and Quinn — in 2005 and 2006, individually. 


The Hollywood chief adopted two children with his wife Kate Capshaw — Theo Spielberg and girl Mikaela George Spielberg. 


While advancing his film "Amateurs" in 2011, the Scottish on-screen character had uncovered that he and his wife Eve Mavrakis had received second little girl who was conceived in March of that year. The couple adopted Jamiyan from Mongolia in 2006. 


"The Sound of Music" star Julie Andrews was one of the first VIPs to adopted globally. She and her spouse Blake Edwards embraced two girls, Amy Leigh and Joanna Lynn, from Vietnam. Amy was embraced in 1974 and Joanna in 1975. 


The performer embraced two youngsters, little girl Annie and child Tom, in 1986 with spouse Christopher Guest. 


When she was 50, the performing artist received girl Dexter in 1996. In 2001, she went ahead to receive child Duke. 


In 2006, the performing artist received Charlotte from China. She later transformed her girl's name to Daisy. 


In 1970s, the performing artist received 14-year-old Mary Williams, whom she initially met at a mid year camp. 


After her separation from performing artist Charlie Sheen, the Hollywood on-screen character received an infant young lady named Eloise in 2011 as a solitary guardian. 


In 1984, the American artist casually received Nicole Richie, girl of one of his backstage collabor.