Kerala High Court judge punishes two civil police for "indecent behavior" 

Kerala High Court on Monday saw uncommon scenes as a High Court judge punished two civil police and made them stand in the court for a whole day for a claimed indecent behavior. The court likewise made them write an imposition about the 'obligations of police.' 

High Court judge P.D. Rajan punished them for "indecent behavior" with him at Sree Poornathrayeesa Temple, Trippunithura, Kochin. The court orderd that they write imposition the obligation of police in the Kerala Police Act. In spite of the fact that the two tendered an unconditional apology, the court also orderd Kochi City Police Commissioner to appear infront fo court at 4 p.m. on Tuesday before taking a decision. 

The two policeman, K.R. Rajeev Nath and Satheesh Babu of the Trippunithura Hill Palace police headquarters, presented infront of the court based a call made from the High Court to police station.

Both policeman came to the court at 10.15 a.m. when it began its procedures. During the launch time, Justice Rajan told Director-General of Prosecutions T. Asaf Ali to meet him in his chambers. Court asked the DGP to inform the City Police Commissioner M.P. Dinesh to present in front of the court on Monday only.

Mr Asaf Ali informed the judge that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was on a visit nearby place and that the magistrate was checking the movement obligations. Later, the judge asked that the official show up on Tuesday. 

As indicated by Mr Satheesh Babu, Justice Rajan went to the temple to call his wife who was on dutey for the 'Vrishchikol-savam' celebration. Since the path to a temporary facility where his wife is working was through the police help post, the judge requested that the two cops call his wife. 

"We requested that the judge distinguish himself. We tended to him Chetta (senior). The judge later went inside keeping in mind returning requesting that we uncover our official numbers according to the police rolls. Since the individual declined to uncover the personality, we likewise didn't hand over our numbers. We came to realize that he was a High Court judge just much later," he said. No body of evidence has been enlisted against the policemen.