Chittilappilly: laws should be changed. Why are dogs getting a special treatment? 

At the point when individuals in India don't have an issue with executing chicken, wild oxen, pigs, goats and bovines for sustenance, why are dogs getting a special treatment? What is the rationale behind the law that has made utter turmoil in the city?" addressed industrialist Kochousep Chittilappilly after he closed his 24-hour yearning strike requesting that the powers make the roads free of dogs and more secure for individuals. 

Several individuals had accumulated on the Kozhikode Beach on Saturday and Sunday to watch and listen to noted individuals who swung up to offer their backing to Mr. Chittilappilly and the Stray Dog-Free development in the try. 

Mr.Chittilappilly finished his quick by taking delicate coconut water from his wife Sheela Kochousep in the vicinity of his sister and previous Principal of Providence Women's College, Kozhikode, Sr. Ancilla, extremist K.Ajitha and performer Babu Swamy. Industrialists P.V. Gangadharan and Gokulam Gopalan were likewise present. One India Kite Team flew 10 flame kites to express solidarity with the development. 

Mr. Chittilappilly said India beat the rundown of most extreme utilization of rabies antibodies. "The antibody is for the most part out of stock in government clinics, as they don't have the office to store it at 8 degree celsius. It costs Rs. 28,000 in different drug stores. Such a variety of individuals approach the K. Chittilappilly Foundation asking for money related help for rabies immunization," he said and included that there have been situations when even inoculation couldn't spare the casualties of pooch chomp from rabies. 

"Puppy meat is accessible available to be purchased in Nagaland. Is Nagaland not a piece of India? At the point when a law reasons impairment to greater part of the populace, it simply must be transformed," he included. 

Ms. Ajitha, in her location, thought about whether individuals of Kerala had become used to the vicinity of such a large number of puppies around them that they have neglected to challenge.