Some facts and reality that you should know about India.

1. India is the biggest and most populous democracy in the world

2. Largest number of voters in the world

3. More then 100 langauges in one country 

4. World's Largest number of newspaper selling country.

5. World's largest spice exporting country 

6. 6300,000 people traveling a day only in Mumbai local train

7. Air mail system estableshed first in India.

8. World's biggest open university ( Indiragadhi open university) in India.

9. World's Largest police force (145000 memebers) at Utherpredesh state in India.

10. Mahabarathem historical story, wrote in India.

11. World's biggest school citymodesory is at laknow, India.

12. World's Largest dimond business network

13. World's biggest film studio, Ramoji film city is located at Hydrabad, India.

14. World's biggest hand made crpet exporting country

15. World's biggest bus service operation is at Hydrabad in India.

16. Ladak is the tallest airport in the world.

17. India introduced family planing first time in the world.

18. World's biggest postal service is in India.