Eight individuals were arrested after raping of two school girls at Adoor in Pathanamthitta area on Saturday. 

The rape case became exposed a couple of days back after grievances from the asulted girls and the school principal. The two young girls students, concentrating on in Class 9 and 10 are accepted to have been persuasively taken away subsequent to being debilitated. The crime happened first on last Friday and the following day. 

Police swung without hesitation after the complaint from the parents. The girl studentss were produced before a justice who took their statement and subsequent to giving medicinal examination and  they were shited to a sheltered spot.

Accoding to police the girls trapped by a "miss call" and that reached up to a biggest crime. Culprit men offerd them a trip to beach and they where taken to a house near by the beach and they tryed to molester this girls students.

Vishnu Udayapurath, Srayikkadu tharayil, Allappadu, Karunagappally., Hari Lal, Harisree bhavan, Kareeli mukku, Klappana thekkum muri, Plappali., Syam Raj, Emapyitharayil puraykkal, Klappana., Arun, Puthanpurakkal thekkethil, Payikkuzi, Ochira., Raj kumar, Raj bhavan, Kottapuram, Vallikkavu., Naseem, Veliyillpadeetathil, puthentheruvu, Kulasekarapuram, Adinadu., Rathesh, Pulikeezhilthara, Kulashekarapuram., Sarath, Udayapuram veetil, Vawakavu., following people are arrested.