The Chennai surges specifically unmistakably appear there is a nexus between dishonest, calamity and loss of life.

The Chennai surges specifically unmistakably appear there is a nexus between dishonest, calamity and loss of life.

M G Devasahayam, a previous Indian Administrative Service officer who has worked in urban arranging, vitality, utility administration (open transport, power), responsibility and administration out in the open administrations, has been condemning of the way urban communities are forgetting so as to be produced in India tenets, regulations and environment. 

In this meeting to Shobha Warrier, Devasahayam, who served in the Indian Army before joining the IAS, trusts the Tamil Nadu government is in charge of the extraordinary surges that injured Chennai a week ago. 

He was likewise very disparaging of the new capital city Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu is expanding on the banks of the Krishna. Truth be told, Devasayam, picture, beneath, had driven a certainty discovering group from the National Alliance of People's Movements, which he had begun, to the 29 towns in the state's new proposed capital locale. 

As a urban director, what is your response seeing Chennai submerged? 

Chennai is turning out to be more awful consistently. Downpour will arrive amid the storm however it was less in the most recent two years, and downpour can't be considered as a catastrophe. This time likewise, aside from two or three days, I would not say we had unusual downpour. There was no typhoon this time. Be that as it may, all aspects of the city and suburbia were submerged. 

The motivation behind why it was similar to this is basic. The way the administration is keep running in Tamil Nadu, by both the DMK (Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam and the AIADMK (All India Anna DMK), is with no sympathy toward standards, regulations and the master all-inclusive strategy of the city. 

Everything is unified around one individual. It is more awful on account of the AIADMK; there is some measure of popular government in the DMK. 

We have an all-inclusive strategy, an authoritative archive for the city that was readied, examined, talked about and instituted in 2008. A piece of the all-inclusive strategy has advancement control rules, yet they don't even take a gander at the tenets. 

In 2009, we did a modified end-all strategy. I was a piece of it with a global counseling gathering. We had unmistakably distinguished an advancement procedure and separated the Chennai metropolitan range into three expansive zones in view of the naturally touchy territories. We had let them know that there ought not be any development in those territories aside from low ascent, low thickness advancement. 

This all-inclusive strategy has been actually tossed into the waste paper wicker container and they have constructed multi-story structures in those zones, as multi-story structures are money cows. 

That is to say, it is defilement that has brought about this circumstance and not terrible arranging. 

Arranging arrives, yet they don't take a gander at the arrangements; they just take a gander at hard money. Here is a standing illustration that gazes at your face: Corruption. Debasement prompts calamity, obliteration and demise. 

The Tamil Nadu surges by and large and the Chennai surges specifically plainly appear there is a nexus between debasement, catastrophe, annihilation and demise. 

The expression 'get ready for surges' does not emerge as you have damaged all principles while arranging. Anyway, what's there to get ready? I would say, the administration has made the surges. 

Chennai is a water-starved city, yet water that can serve the whole city for one entire year has gone down the channel. So where is the administration of area? What you see is botch of area. 

The CAG (Comptroller and Auditor General) reports of 2013 and 2114 censure the organization's powerlessness to arrange with different divisions and complete the tempest water channel venture... 

What sort of coordination would they say they are discussing? 

In a city like Chennai, a full city, the administration ought to be completely in charge of everything. That was the motivation behind the 74th Amendment of 1992, which says that all urban nearby bodies, town panchayats and zilla parishads have every one of the parts with the exception of power and police. Be that as it may, the city government has both power and police under them. 

Today, land is under the control of general society works division, water is under Metro Water, and sewerage, police, fire unit have their own sheets. What is the part of the partnership then?