India first’ only religion of government, Constitution its just sacred text: Prime Minister Narendra Modi

PM Narendra Modi on Friday said 'India first' is the main religion of his legislature and the Constitution is the main heavenly book while declaring his dedication to work for the welfare of individuals of all areas and religions. He discounted any audit of the Constitution and connected with the Opposition by saying that the decision side does not have faith in driving choices utilizing its larger part but rather has faith in working through agreement.

Answering to a two-day long civil argument on the Constitution in the Lok Sabha, Mr. Modi likewise dismisses the Congress conflict that the NDA government was attempting to deny due credit or undermining the part of pioneers like Jawahar Lal Nehru, to whom he paid rich tributes. He said that differing qualities is the quality of India and it should be supported.

"For the legislature, the main dharma is 'India first', the main dharma granth (heavenly book) is the Constitution," the Prime Minister affirmed in his around 70-moment answer to the level headed discussion amid which Opposition individuals raked up the issue of "narrow mindedness" and scrutinized his quiet over the issue.