Sheena Bora was professedly choked in a car and after that her body was blazed and dumped in a backwoods in Raigad, around 84 km from Mumbai. 

As indicated by CBI, Rahul Mukerjea and Sheena Bora were seeing someone, Indrani Mukerjea disliked. 

Despite the fact that Indrani Mukerjea, prime denounced in the Sheena Bora homicide case, hated Rahul Mukerjea, she didn't have the same demeanor towards his sibling Rabin, additionally Peter's child from his past marriage, and never limited her spouse from conversing with him. 

This has risen in a mail tended to Peter Mukerjea in November 2014, two years after Sheena's passing, in which Indrani said she never ceased Peter from conversing with Rabin, as per the charge-sheet recorded by the CBI for the situation. 

"I don't let you know anytime that you ought not call or mail or talk with Rabin, neither that idea ever entered my thoughts, wonder why it entered your thoughts," Indrani said. 

"Rabin has not yet stooped to Rahul's level. So who is discussing no contact and why ?," the mail read. 

As per CBI, Rahul and Sheena were seeing someone, both Peter and Indrani objected to. 

Rahul and Sheena were locked in and going to get hitched. However, when Sheena went "missing" after April 2012, Rahul became suspicious. Stressed, he is likewise said to have looked for lawful guidance and had cautioned Peter (in one of his sends in May 2012) that Sheena's vanishing could prompt something "untoward". 

Rahul had additionally demanded that things must be clear when Sheena would specifically identify with him as he was not persuaded with the separation instant messages he had gotten from "Sheena" (accepted to be sent by Indrani) on April 25, since there were past cases when Indrani had acted like Sheena and sent messages. 

Sheena (24) was purportedly choked in an auto and afterward her body was smoldered and dumped in a woods in Raigad, around 84 km from Mumbai. 

Indrani (43), her previous spouse Sanjeev Khanna and her ex-driver Shyamvar Rai have been chargesheeted in the homicide case. The casualty was Indrani's girl from a prior marriage. 

Subside, who was captured a week ago for his claimed part in the homicide, is as of now in CBI care.