Online Sex Racket : Rashmi Nair and Rahul Pashupalan Under Custody.

Kerala Police, on 18 November, arrested eight individuals, including Rahul Pashupalan of Kiss of Love' online battle and his wife, Rashmi Nair (bikini model), as indicated by Source. Seven others were additionally arrested with rahul Pashupalan. The Cyber Cell of Kerala Police made the arrest after it professedly found an online sex racket, while researching a Facebook page called 'Kochu Sundarikal' by Rashmi R Nair. 

Police likewise find the pictures of young girls had been posted on the page by Rashmi Nair and the team, who were arrested with Pashupalan. The police said Pashupalan and Rashmi, who is a model, were professedly helping a group that supplied young girls to this sex racket. Among those arrested, was a Local "gunda" named Akbar, from Kasaragod. 

It might be noticed that the 'Kiss of Love' crusade had raised an in number voice against moral policing. 

The development had begun picking up consideration after a crowd of aggressors annihilated a café in North Kerala's Kozhikode city on the grounds of condemning affirmed 'indecent action' of open presentation of warmth by a few couples. 

The police unearthed the racket while exploring a protest over a pedophile page on Facebook called 'Kochu Sundarikal' and a pop-up notice on the web which guaranteed ladies escorts. Crime branch IG S Sreejith said 12 persons had been arrested in the two-day long assault called 'Operation Big Daddy', with three minors saved. 

"We have been taking after a few leads for most recent two months in two separate grievances and captured 12 persons. We protected three minors additionally," the IG said, adding it was lumbering to break online sex rackets by Rashimi Nair.

Examining officers took advantage of the web posing so as to traffic system as customers. They along these lines got photos of "escorts" as scrambled messages (for the most part on WhatsApp), giving subtle elements like the age of the ladies, term and nature of administration required and cost. The police said Rashmi R Nair purportedly got ladies escorts at Kochi airport terminal when they were summoned from Bengaluru and Mumbai. 

The arrest of Rahul Pashupalan and Rashmi Nair has brought about a major swell in the online sex networking. Numerous said he has been "caught" for taking a striking stand against moral policing, yet others varied, asserting his development was only a concealment for "shabby things". 

Rahul Pashupalan and Rashmi Nair shot to notoriety in November 2014 when they get to be images of the 'kiss of love'. In Kochi, supporters of the development had conflicted with Shiv Sena party members and other periphery bunches when they attempted to direct an open kissing system at Marine Drive.

Nowadays, nobody is by all accounts made a big deal about Rahul Pasupalan and Reshmi R Nair, once the ideal examples for the Kiss of Love crusade, which took off in Kerala in November 2014. 

For those new to it, Kiss of Love was a web-based social networking development started by Free Thinkers, a gathering drove by short movie producer Rahul Pasupalan. The gathering welcomed individuals to come to Marine Drive in Kochi on November 2 to embrace and pucker up against moral policing. Typically, it offended conservative gatherings of all shades, and additionally a few ladies and understudy outfits who swung up to challenge Kiss of Love. Many Kiss of Love battle supporters showed up, clasping hands, embracing and kissing in broad daylight, conquering dangers of physical brutality by vigilante gatherings, who additionally turned up in hundreds. 

The police arrested more than 100 Kiss of Love activists for what they depicted as a preventive measure to keep up lawfulness. Incognizant of the following skirmish, Pasupalan and his better half, Rashmi Nair, kept on kissing each other in full glare of live TV, even as they were trucked away in the police van. What's more, what began as a nearby occasion to make an indicate, quickly spread different urban areas in Kerala and turned into a sensation the nation over. 

Kiss of Love likewise got a lift when performer Mohanlal said something for it, reprimanding Malayalis for being stuck in a period twist when the world proceeded onward. Kiss of Love split moderate Kerala (it didn't help that Rashmi Nair was a mother and in addition a swimming outfit display) and politicized what was intended to be a response against moral policing. Kerala is as yet observing a few occasions of good policing by gundas that have even observed a pregnant lady and wedded couples being attacked. 

After its 15 minutes of popularity, nothing was found out about Kiss of Love, for a year, till both Pasupalan, (29) and Rashmi Nair (27) were all of a sudden captured in Kochi on eighteenth November, 2015, after a chain of strikes (codenamed Operation Big Daddy by the police), under the supervision of Inspector General of Police (Crime Branch), S Sreejith. 

Police asserted the two were grabbed from an inn close Nedumbassery Airport in Kochi alongside Lineesh Mathew, a Bengaluru-based representative and some others. I.G Sreejith said two underage young ladies were with them at the inn (around then), while two ladies fled. The couple's six-year-old child, who was with them, was later moved to the kids' grand slam by the Child Welfare Committee. 

The police leveled the hair-raising charge that the couple was engaged with a sex racket, and were accessories of the fundamental denounced, Abdul Khader nom de plume Ali Akbar, an infamous criminal, and his better half Rubina. One of the two underage young ladies was only six, flown in from Bangalore for charged customers. The youngsters were likewise given over to the Child Welfare Committee. 

I.G Sreejith stated, police, who were obviously tipped off about the couple's contribution in the racket, got imitations to take on the appearance of customers to be in contact with Khader. In this way, they were sent Rashmi Nair's photos and subtle elements. "Dialogs were held and parcel of bartering went on," he says. 

The police credited the couple's charged twofold life to obligation after a film venture tumbled. (Notwithstanding, in a meeting, the film's maker rubbished the claim saying it was Pasupalan and Rashmi Nair who had shown them a good time.) The arraignment case is that Pasupalan and Nair had made a Facebook page called 'Kochu Sundarikal' (Little Beauties). The page had gone under the police scanner following protests that it conveyed sexually-charged posts and pictures of youngsters, and examination clearly uncovered that it took into account pedophiles. 

I.G Sreejith portrayed Khader as the boss of the online operation and that he worked intimately with youngster trafficking rackets in Bangalore. Pasupalan and Rashmi Nair were named abettors and accused of offenses under Sections 366A (securing minor young lady), 370(1) (abuse of a trafficked individual), and 120B (criminal scheme) of the Indian Penal Code, and segments of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses Act, 2012, and in addition different arrangements of the Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act. 

The couple's arrest sent shockwaves all through Kerala and brought up major issues about the validity of the Kiss of Love battle. Some trusted that the two were encircled for driving the battle, while others blamed them for cutting Kiss of Love in the back. The outcome was that kindred Kiss of Love activists removed themselves from the two saying "nobody had blessed them" as their crusade's spokespersons. 

Pasupalan and Rashmi Nair stayed in guardianship for 14 and 10 months separately before they could go home to Pathanapuram in Kollam locale subsequent to securing safeguard (with the assistance of their relatives) arrange from both the Kerala and Karnataka High Courts the Kerala police had explained their Karnataka partners about the crime as the two young ladies were from Karnataka. So a body of evidence was enlisted there against the charged. 

In spite of the fact that the Kerala High Court allowed them safeguard in February 2016 watching that the police had not documented the last report inside the statutory time of 90 days despite the fact that the charges against them were not kidding. Rashmi Nair stayed in prison till August and Pasupalan till December, until the point that the couple got release from the Karnataka High Court in the minor gils sex trafficking case. 

In the interim, the media had a field day uncovering stories about the previous nerd couple's way of life. Pasupalan's dad, repelled from the family and filling in as a worker, additionally destroyed the couple, saying that the lakhs he spent on his child's training had not presented to him any profits or advantages. He went so far as to paint his child as a wayward and lopsided individual and his little girl in-law as a shame who strolls about in scanty garments. 

Today, the warmth created by the prominent case appears to have settled, with the media indicating little enthusiasm for seeking after the amazing case. Presently, the couple being referred to is endeavoring to recover, through web-based social networking, all that lost space and companionship. The two claim to be casualties of a witch-chase by the Kerala police and conservative political associations and vigilante gatherings. 


Blaming the Kerala police for denying them equity by deferring the charge sheet, Nair says, "The police couldn't discover enough proof against us up until this point. That is the explanation behind not recording the charge sheet even 15 months after our capture. I figure they will drag the case for an additional two years." 

She was more cheerful of a good decision from Karnataka. "While conceding safeguard, the Karnataka High Court had watched that we were not engaged with tyke trafficking." 

She never envisioned she would invest energy in prison for a wrongdoing she "never dedicated". "The capture and the ensuing media trial smashed me. The media praised our capture by giving titillating stories without considering our rights." 

She is vexed that companions have surrendered them since their capture. "The individuals who were a piece of the crusade forsook us amid the hour of emergency. They could have sat tight for the judgment before thinking of us off. Our soul is clear and we haven't done anything incorrectly." 

Kiss of Love is still near Nair's heart as she was the person who recommended the name for the occasion and the Facebook page. "The occasion was planned for second November at my request. Despite the fact that others had recommended delaying, I said we ought to do it when occurrences of good policing were on the ascent and the assault on Downtown Cafe in Kozhikode stood out as truly newsworthy." 

Pasupalan trusts that the battle has realized changes in Kerala's traditionalist society which, he says, has started now to freely examine issues like sexuality and feminine cycle. "I feel that the legislative issues set forward by Kiss of Love is as yet pertinent. In any case, many reviled us, quick to demonstrate that their ethical side (sic) was solid." While a larger part couldn't concur with the issues raised as a component of the KoL battle, "we declared that we have the privilege to our bodies," he says. "The individuals who discovered blame with us utilized Reshmi's photographs as a swimming outfit model to guarantee that we were into tissue exchange." 

Nair affirmed that IGP Sreejith had offered to let her no longer associated with this issue on the off chance that she removed against her better half. "I didn't move. He spread another composed story that Rahul constrained me to enter prostitution. In any case, I never put forth such an expression. Media conveyed those stories without confirming them. These stories were produced to make break between us." 

The IGP, in any case, denied the claims. "I didn't have any acquaintance with her before the capture. At that point why should I make such offers?" he tells this reporter. 

Pasupalan said the postponement in recording the charge sheets demonstrated that Sreejith's cases were empty. "The IGP had guaranteed that the police has confirmation to demonstrate our complicity in the wrongdoing. In any case, I trust that absence of confirmation is the purpose behind the postponement in recording the charge sheet." 

Sreejith discredited this expression the charge sheets would be recorded soon. "It is not be conceivable to document chargesheets in 90 days in cases that require advanced confirmation. The police need to break down around 60 electronic gadgets, including cell phones and SIM cards, which were appropriated amid Operation Big Daddy. It is a tremendous assignment." 

He said Karnataka police could record the charge sheet (however the trial hasn't started) as they need to investigate just two charges — Rahul and Reshmi were charged for assault and under Pocso. 

Pasupalan blamed the IGP for utilizing media to push his attention motivation. "Seventy-two days after my capture, somebody got to my Facebook and posted my photograph. How might I get to my FB page when my cell phone was seized by the police? Two days after