Rats had attacked new born baby to death in hospital ICU at Hyderabad.

In a gruesome incident, a ten-day-old baby was killed by rats in the intensive care unit (ICU) of Andhra's famous Guntur Government General Hospital (GGH). The newborn baby boy was found bitten all over his chest, stomach, the left part of his forehead and the limbs. The rats had reportedly attacked the newborn twice on August 23 after a surgery and once in the wee hours of Wednesday. The newborn was dead by afternoon.

The baby's parents have alleged that no doctor visited the baby till 11 am despite complaints about the rat attacks. However, the duty chart shows that a doctor named Bhaskar was on duty from 7 am. Hospital superintendent Dr Venu Gopal Rao, who admitted that the rats had attacked the baby twice in three days in the ICU, claimed to have visited the ward along with the resident medical officer. He said, "The duty doctor was in the operation theatre attending an emergency surgery. I visited and issued instructions to the nurse about the care to be taken.

" Dr Venu Gopal Rao said: "We received a complaint from the parents on Monday that a rat had bitten the baby on Sunday night. We took measures like sealing the holes wherever there was a scope for rats to enter the ICU. Today, they (parents) complained about the same repeating. By afternoon, the baby had died," he said. The Guntur Government Hospital, with 1,200 beds, is also home to many rats and insects due to the absence of an underground drainage.

"We had brought it to the notice of the state government and were given an assurance of a facelift," Venu Gopal Rao said. Meanwhile, the baby's father Nagaraju, a smalltime employee in Vijayawada, said, "I feel I have committed a sin by bringing my baby here to offer him as food for the rats. It was my poverty that forced us to bring our child to a government hospital."