A repairman remaining close to a Boeing 737 at El Paso International Airport in Texas was sucked into one of the motors and killed Monday, authorities said.

Mainland Airlines Flight 1515 was planning to take off for Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston when "a support related motor keep running up of the right-hand motor " was done, said Roland Herwig, a representative for the Federal Aviation Administration 's southwest area in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 

"Somebody on the ground was sucked into the motor, " he said. 

In a composed explanation, Continental Chairman and CEO Larry Kellner said the individual murdered was a repairman who worked for one of the carrier's suppliers. 

"My kindred associates and I extend our sincere sensitivities to the family and companions of the workman included in this lamentable occasion, " Kellner said. 

The 737-500 was conveying 114 travelers and five team individuals at the season of the mishap, he said. 

"Mainland is organizing help for travelers who need assistance managing this catastrophe," Kellner said. "Mainland's Employee Assistance Program group is additionally traveling to El Paso to meet with representatives." 

He said the occurrence happened amid an upkeep check in arrangement for the plane's takeoff. 

A representative for Boeing said Monday's occurrence is not the first such mishap. "It doesn't happen regularly," representative Liz Verdier said. "It has happened before." 

In any case, she said, the obligation lies with Continental: "The carriers are in charge of their security methods." 

The National Transportation Safety Board has sent a group of agents from its office in Denver, Colorado, Herwig said