Here are a few things the present day Indian man wouldn't fret any longer about his life accomplice.


Not planning to put down the grave issues close by as for abuse women in the nation, however the stage to which the issue has been discussed requires the otherside. The Indian society might have been running on patriarchal measures till now, yet today things are changing for good. India may be a dangerous nation for you women out there, however we found that there are an impressive measure of men, who couldn't mind less how short your skirt is, or how routinely you drink. Men today are significantly more open, sensitive and aware of women. 

Young women, here are a couple of things the present day Indian man has risen above, for good

1. Virginity

2. Past Relationships

3. Drinking

4. Working Late Hours

5. The Clothes You Wear

6. Paying The Bill

7. Your Aspirations

8. Party

9. Your Earning

10. Talking over phone.