Sonam could've been saved if taken to hospital with Hema Malini. Is there any value for Aam Aadmi's life ?

Relatives of the four-year-old young lady, killed in a fender bender with Hema Malini's Mercedes, has charged that the youngster was lying at the mishap spot for about 20 minutes and could have been spared had she been taken to the healing center alongside the BJP MP. "Hema Malini was taken to a healing center in Dausa by a specialist instantly after the episode. He then took her to Fortis clinic while Sonam was lying at the spot for 15-20 minutes.

No one got some information about her, " charged Shirish Gupta, uncle of Sonam who succumbed to her wounds on approach to healing center in Dausa the previous evening. "Had she (Sonam) been taken to the healing facility alongside Hema Malini, she would have been spared, " Gupta said. Sonam's dad Hanuman Mahajan, his wife Shikha (35), Somil and Seema were moved to the SMS healing center n Jaipur. Mahajan has recorded an objection with the Kotwali police headquarters in Dausa against Ramesh Chand Thakur, who was driving Hema's auto when it met with the mischance in Dausa, 60 km from here.

Thakur was captured at Kotwali Thana in Dausa. Gupta said Sonam and others were taken to healing facility by police. The 66-year-old performing artist turned legislator experienced a surgery for her injuries at Fortis healing facility here and was doing fine, specialists taking care of her said. She was additionally treated for a minor break on her nose.