Three women tried to immolate themselves during Rajkot Municipal Corporation (RMC) demolition

Three women tried to immolate themselves during demolition of over 200 houses in Raiya Dhar area here today by Rajkot MunicipalCorporation (RMC).

A team of RMC officials reached the spot along with heavy police force and began the demolition but soon a group of residents tried to halt the process. Subsequently, three women attempted self-immolation, RMC commissioner Vijay Nehra said.

As many as 25 persons, including nine women were rounded up and the three women who attempted self-immolation, were detained, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Harshad Patel said.

The civic body was supposed to carry out the demolition last week but due to non-availability of police security arrangements, the drive was postponed.

"We have carried out demolition work in Raiya Dhar area keeping police protection to avoid any untoward incident. RMC is going to construct a housing colony for slum dwellers of the area on Public-Private Partnership (PPP) project," Nehra said.

"Most residents cooperated but few who have their personal interests opposed the project," he said.

To avoid any unwarranted situation, adequate security was accorded to the RMC.