Mary Kom hasn't put some separation between her polite side to surpass desires in an amusement

Mary Kom has won the pined for National Award for the Best Popular Film of 2014 and boss Omung Kumar is elated. "The film is a salute to Indian women. Mary is a contender. She surpassed desires both as a specialist and as a mother. Her life is a lesson for the people who assume that a specialist woman is not fit for running her home properly. At the Stockholm Film Festival, where the film won the best prize, people were flabbergasted that such women exist in India. Mary hasn't put some separation between her polite side to surpass desires in an amusement known for its masculine character." 

An unmistakable creation and set maker before Mary Kom, Omung was known for his staggering set blueprints for films like Black and Saawariya. He agrees Mary Kom was the most outlandish subject for him. 

"I was required to have a go at something more like Moulin Rouge. Yet, then I also start from a gathering of on-screen characters and have done my own particular piece as a host. So I required something execution arranged. I asked my buddy and co-writer Saiwyn Qadras to search for a convincing personality, whom the world doesn't know much about and he considered making a biopic on MC Mary Kom, a five-time title holder. I didn't consider her undertakings in the ring and out of it in purpose of hobby." 

On the other hand, his capacities as a set originator went to the fore in Mary Kom moreover. "People didn't see it much in light of the fact that this time it was not over the top. We couldn't shoot in Manipur. So we expected to make her home and zone in Manali. Without a doubt, even Mary was amazed by the closeness. Moreover, her arrangement was shot in a shed that my wife Vanita and I found in a discarded shed on Mira Road in Mumbai. Nobody whimpered that it doesn't take after a planning camp for boxing and possibly that is the best triumph for us." 

Concerning the criticism of picking Priyanka Chopra for the lead part, Omung says, "I have said this before that I might not want to make a film that will be seen by a couple." 

"I thought the story can contact a mass social affair of individuals and for this we required a noteworthy name. Besides, did everything to get into the condition of the boxer. Nobody can protest about her dedication. Besides, most of the criticism went before the release. At the point when the film unraveled, people dismissed the cheek bone, the eye brow and the accent." 

He surrenders that he exhibited a touch of acting in the second half however requests everything oozed from what happened in Mary's life. "We took a touch of innovative flexibility to deliver a vivacious vibe, to intercut her own particular torment with the national commitment," he surrenders. 

Omung has now three scripts in his grip. "There is one with respect to Indian warriors in World War II. In any case, I am not sure whether it will be my next film. It might be my third film considering the kind of scale it requires. I will think about an assertion soon."