Dr. Albert P'Rayan tips for students coming from rural backgrounds.

Dear students, 

You are excitedly anticipating your class XII exams results. All through your higher optional course at your administration school, your execution has been surprisingly great and you have constantly bested the class. The school powers have been pleased with your scholarly execution. Their just lament is that they couldn't furnish you with the offices and the introduction that you expected to comprehensively add to your aptitudes. 

You must be imagining about your future and your next strategy. In spite of the fact that you have been great at all subjects, your level of capability in English is bad. You can't be rebuked for it. The medium of direction in the school is Tamil. You have never heard your educators, colleagues or companions chat in English. Numerous understudies of the school are original learners. 

You didn't have numerous chances to build up your English dialect and relational abilities. You were requested that remember answers to addresses. There was nobody to propel you to learn English as an existence expertise or an ingrained instinct. I do comprehend your experience and tension. 

Culture shock

I can envision how your first week or month in the college/school will be. The move from school to school is not going to be smooth. Your class will have understudies from different spots and for the most part from urban communities. You will be sitting in the midst of English-talking understudies who will present themselves saying that they contemplated in XYZ CBSE school and their leisure activities are painting, watching Hollywood motion pictures, and their most loved stars are Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Jim Carrey, Angelina Jolie et cetera. You may feel uncomfortable being in their organization. Your educators may utilize just English in the classroom. 

You may hear English all over the place on the grounds. All that they say in English may sound like drivel to you and you may feel that you have been tossed into an outsider world. You may encounter 'angloshock'. You may think "others know English however I don't have a clue about the dialect thus I am not a portion of the gathering." Some of your educators and schoolmates, rather than feeling for you, may deride you for not reacting to their inquiries in English and may pull you down. You may have an issue whether to proceed with or stop your studies. You could be very nearly separating and your fantasy, nearly getting broke. 

I am imparting this to you not with the aim of alarming you, but rather with the goal of setting you up for a fight. I experienced this battle, and a hefty portion of my partners and understudies have been troopers in the fight. Yes, it will be a fight. 

I know your objectives are clear, and you will go to any degree to accomplish your objective. As an educator, I feel that it is my obligation to demonstrat to you the right way and empower you. Here are my ten instructions to offer you some assistance with learning English and expert it. 

Mastering English 

Be energetic about learning English. This is the initial phase in the excursion to mastering the dialect. On the off chance that you have the yearning to take in the dialect, nobody can prevent you from doing it. I am helped to remember our previous President, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, who confronted numerous obstacles when he was an understudy however defeated every one of them and went ahead to make progress. I'm certain you can do this as well. 

Be sure. Say to yourself that you can do it. Have an "I-am-alright and-you-are-alright" state of mind. What you didn't have and couldn't do amid your school days, you can have and can do now. 

Purchase a standard word reference with CD. For instance, Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary and Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary are great assets for learners of English and offer them some assistance with learning the dialect actually with certainty. The CD can offer you some assistance with practicing articulation of words. 

Perused daily papers consistently. You can begin with news things of your decision. Make it a propensity. This will offer you some assistance with improving your vocabulary and add to your perusing aptitudes. It is said that a decent peruser is a decent pioneer. 

Individuals who talk and compose great English ascribe their prosperity to perusing daily papers, magazines and books. 

Compose a journal of what you do each day. Compose 10-15 sentences coherently. You can likewise compress a news thing that you read that day. This will offer you some assistance with developing you're composing abilities. 

Listen to great speakers of English. A decent audience is a decent speaker. Introduction to great English offers a learner some assistance with acquiring great articulation. Watching English news channels 10-15 minutes consistently likewise helps in creating listening aptitudes. 

Talk in English at whatever point you get an open door. Become a close acquaintence with the individuals who communicate in English easily and banter with them in the dialect. 

Get a cell phone. A few free English learning applications are accessible. Learning English through these applications is fun, as they are extremely intuitive. 

Rehearse your English routinely. Mastering a dialect is much the same as figuring out how to swim. By perusing a book on swimming, you can't turn into a swimmer. You have to devote yourself completely to a pool of water to learn. At first, you will be alarmed, yet the result will be wonderful. Thus, to get relational abilities you have to work on talking. You will commit errors however it doesn't make a difference. Try not to be startled or disheartened by negative remarks made by your colleagues. Discard pessimism and debilitation and walk forward. 

Regard challenges as circumstances and not as issues. Yes, some of your colleagues communicate in English fluidly, and your educators instruct just in English. 

These circumstances are surprisingly positive developments. These are open doors for you to get presented to an English-talking environment and take in the dialect. 

The essayist is Professor of English and Head, Higher Education, at KCG College of Technology, Chennai.