Ornments ought not rule the persona of an individual says Gul Panag.

Ornments ought not rule the persona of an individual, but rather ought to rather play an "integral" part in life, as indicated by performer Gul Panag. 

"Ornments ought to assume a correlative part in one's life instead of the overwhelming one," the 36-year-old on-screen character, who arrived on Wednesday to advance gems brand Zoya and its arrangement 'The Spirit of the Zoya Woman', told media. "It ought to supplement the individual you are. On the off chance that I see the gems of a man before him then that gems is not doing anything extraordinary for that individual. 

"It's awesome for Zoya that individuals may see the gems to begin with, however in the event that I needed to give a blessing to some individual, I would pick something that would supplement the individual you are, that doesn't detract anything from you yet adds to you," Gul Panag said. 

Gul, who wore an easygoing search for the occasion with less jewels on her body separated from string hoops, before went on a gutsy rough terrain trip with her companion and ladies rights legal advisor Swaty Malik. 

Their excursion is as of now being circulated as a narrative titled "Rough terrain with Gul Panag" on Discovery Channel. 

Sharing her experience on the excursion, Gul Panag said: "Voyaging and investigating has turned into a piece of my life. Travel offers us some assistance with absorbing the demonstration of living. In the event that you are a working lady, you have such a great amount to do that you don't have a moment for yourself. 

"It doesn't mean you are being foolhardy, it just means you are going out on a limb and let things run their course. I have dependably carried on with my life all alone terms, many people have dependably asked me, why not do things like xyz? Be that as it may, I need to do what suits me best." 

Made with intricacies, Zoya items are produced using very much inquired about outlining strategies adjusted from spots like Spain, Greece and India's Varanasi. 

"Adornments is about enumerating, multifaceted design and make. We headed out to numerous spots to know diverse specialties of gems. In Zoya, we don't pay special mind to any cliché style. We jump at the chance to be test," Sangeeta Dewan, who outlines adornments for Zoya, told newsplus india. 

"When we were conceptualizing for Zoya, we really were thinking who will purchase our item. We as of now have a major titan like Tanishq. Yet, Zoya items are selective, premium and for an exceptionally observing individual," she included. 

The cost range for Zoya items stars at Rs.1 lakh.