Nursultan Nazarbayev Re-elected as Kazakh President

Preparatory results demonstrate that occupant President Nursultan Nazarbayev has won Kazakhstan's presidential race, allowing him an additional five years in office.

As per Kazakhstan's Central Election Commission, the decision Nur Otan party applicant Nazarbayev won 97.7 percent of the votes.

Nazarbayev communicated his thankfulness to his voters.

"We have shown to the entire world that Kazakhstan's political society implies solidarity, obligation. Everybody came to surveying stations. Obviously to choose a president intends to choose one's future. So they came to vote in favor of their future, every one of them having his own trusts. They needed to express them, they came and communicated them. Huge thanks and profound bow to all Kazakh subjects."

Nazarbayev has guaranteed to actualize changes in his next term.

He says his first step is to make a commission to actualize every one of the five institutional changes that he has reported.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has praised Nazarbayev on his re-decision.

In a message, the Chinese pioneer said he appends awesome significance to the improvement of China-Kazakhstan relations, and communicated his eagerness to hold hands with Nazarbayev to convey the binds to another level.

Nazarbayev is the first and so far just president of Kazakhstan since the nation's autonomy in 1991.

He has kept a bolster rate of more than 90 percent in every past race.