President Sargsyan meets Armenia's Eurovision bunch Genealogy

President Serzh Sargsyan today got the six individuals from the band Genealogy speaking to Armenia in the 2015 Eurovision Song Context. Symbolizing the five petals of the overlook me-not bloom, the specialists speak to the new era of the Armenian individuals living in five distinct landmasses of the world and in Armenia.

The gathering individuals Essaï Altounian from Europe, Tamar Kaprelian from the United States, Vahe Tilbian from Africa, Mary-Jean O'Doherty Basmadjian from Australia, Stephanie Topalian from Asia and Inga Arshakyan from Armenia will perform the melody "Face the Shadow." It is about general qualities – love, solidarity, steadfastness and the ancestry of eras.

At the meeting with the RA President, the gathering individuals were joined by Ruben Jaghinyan, President of the Public Television Council, and Gohar Gasparyan, Head of the Armenian Delegation in Eurovision.

At the meeting, the President gave RA international IDs to the five outside individuals from the gathering who had beforehand asked for the RA President to allow them citizenship of the Republic of Armenia, complimented them on getting Armenian citizenship and wished them achievement. The Armenian President respected the grand thought and solidarity in speaking to Armenia in the Eurovision Song Contest this year in an exceptional organization and through another band. "You, yourselves, were persuaded – the memorial occasions of the Armenian Genocide Centennial held amid nowadays and their overall reaction affirmed it – that in the event that we all join together and unite around a solitary thought, we generally make progress. I am certain that you, as well, are going to succeed in light of the fact that, you have truly united around one single thought, your melody is brilliant and the thought as well," said President Serzh Sargsyan.

The Armenian Eurovision agents said thanks to Armenia's President for the genuine words and gathering, noticing that it gives crisp power and vigor and passes on a decent disposition preceding the challenge. They additionally joined significance to the late acknowledgment of the Armenian Genocide by Austria, a nation facilitating the challenge, which, as per the band individuals, will permit them to feel stronger and more certain about