China now boasts more land dedicated to wine-making vineyards than France,

China now brags more land committed to wine-production vineyards than France, however France has destroyed Italy to recapture the title of world's No. 1 wine maker.

This is as per figures discharged Monday by the Paris-based International Organization of Vine and Wine.

China's vineyards developed to 800,000 hectares (1.9 million sections of land) a year ago, putting it behind No. 1 cultivator Spain and in front of France. EU nations have deliberately diminished vineyards lately to make them more productive and enhance quality.

France's wine generation ascended in 2014 to 46.7 million hectoliters, or 6.2 billion jugs. The United States remained the world's greatest wine shopper, at 30.7 million hectoliters (4.1 billion containers).

Wine deals overall grew 2.6 percent a year ago in volume, for a general estimation of 26 billion euros.