Maithripala Sirisena shields return of area to minorities

Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena has protected his administration's turn to return private area procured by the security powers amid the common war to its genuine proprietors as a component of compromise endeavours with minority groups, including Tamils.

In a location to the country on Thursday on the consummation of 100 days of his administration, Sirisena said that it was "lamentable" that some political rivals were utilizing the Internet and media to spread false data that the military are to be diminished or expelled from the North.

He said these individuals are spreading gossipy tidbits that land had been given to the LTTE units in Sampur and more rights had been given to the Tamils and Muslims than to the Sinhalese.

"Such stories are completely spread by great racists. Kindly don't give such false data to the world. This prompts expansive scale deceiving of SriLankans living abroad," he said.