The first HIV self-testing kit on sale in U.K

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM: The first HIV testing toward oneself pack that permits individuals to get an outcome in only 15 minutes at home has gone on special in the UK.

The BioSure HIV Self Test, which claims to have a 99.7 every penny exactness rate, meets expectations in a comparable manner to a pregnancy test, measuring levels of antibodies in an individual's blood.The test identifies antibodies on a little drop of blood, taken from the fingertip utilizing a lancet. These antibodies are regularly just perceivable three months after the HIV contamination is gotten.

Two purple lines show up if the outcome is sure.

Further blood tests are suggested if both lines show up.

In any case, if the test is adverse specialists say it doesn't mean individuals are without a doubt infection free.

The three-month window period, between the minute somebody gets the disease and the time it can take for antibodies to create, implies the pack is not dependable amid this time, 'BBC News' reported.It is trusted that the unit, which can be purchased on the web, will diminish a portion of the 26,000 individuals assessed to have undiscovered HIV in the UK.

An early determination permits individuals to get treatment rapidly and can forestall genuine difficulties. People effectively treated for HIV are more averse to pass the disease on.

"We crusaded for quite a while to secure the sanctioning of HIV individual test packs which happened in April 2014, so it is incredible to see the first individual test units being affirmed," said Dr Rosemary Gillespie, CEO at Terrence Higgins Trust.

"Nonetheless, it is critical to verify individuals can get speedy access to backing when they get their outcome," Gillespie said.