Boko Haram attack death rises to 19

Yaound: Nineteen individuals were killed in Thursday night's assault on a Cameroonian town by Nigeria-based Boko Haram aggressors, a security source said in an upgraded toll, including that a large portion of the exploited people were decapitated.

"The last toll from this assault is 19 dead, with a larger part of the exploited people beheaded," a security source said today on state of obscurity.

Security sources had already said 10 regular people were executed in the cross-fringe assault on the town of Bia in Cameroon's Far North locale.

The assault comes after a local military hostile - which incorporates Cameroon - has guaranteed a series of triumphs in their fightback against the Islamist activists in Nigeria as of late.

Bia, which outskirts Lake Chad, has been distinguished beforehand by security constrains as an enrolling ground for Boko Haram activists.

The source addressing AFP on today said security powers were moderate to respond to the strike on Bia, situated in a range with a few army installations. "We noticed a late reaction by our powers,", the source said. "Numerous hovels were burned to the ground," the source included.