Mumbai: Cops fight over jurisdiction as 5-yr-old rape victim bleeds

Mumbai police suspended two officers from two distinctive police headquarters for wrangling over the "purview" and postponing enlistment of an assault case even as the exploited person, a five-year-old young lady, anticipated restorative help.

Partner police overseer Sanjeev Nimbalkar of Antop slope police headquarters and support sub-investigator Jhavre of Wadala Truck Terminal police headquarters were suspended.

Joint police chief Deven Bharti (peace) said, "Both have been suspended for desolation of obligation, indicating cold-heartedness and unreliable conduct."

The victimized person, occupant of rural Wadala, was purportedly assaulted by a unidentified man on Tuesday night, yet when her family approached the police, they were continued sitting tight outside the police headquarters for quite a long time as the two officers couldn't concur as to which police headquarters ought to enroll the protestation.

The young lady, dying, was taken starting with one police headquarters then onto the next before being at last taken to a doctor's facility, her relatives told the media.

"We have shaped five groups to capture the offender and are likewise taking a gander at the likelihood of setting up his representation," said DCP Ashok Dudhe, including that a prize of Rs.25,000 would be given to any individual who gives data about the attacker's character and whereabouts.