Batman bin Suparman imprisoned in Singapore.

A man with the eye-getting name Batman receptacle Suparman has been imprisoned on burglary and medications charges. Well before this case, his twofold barrelled superhero name had issued him something of faction taking after on online networking.

The jokes on social networking are galore after the news that a 23-year-old man, Batman receptacle Suparman, has been given a jail sentence of 33 months by a court in Singapore. Batman was captured in the wake of being found taking cash from a shop, and in addition utilizing his sibling's money card to withdraw cash. Implausible as it appears, this strange name does seem, by all accounts, to be completely certified - and its not gone unnoticed.

Back in May 2008, a Singaporean ID card fitting in with one Batman container Suparman started being broadly imparted on social networking. It was gotten by the web journal Gizmodo and ran from that point. From that point forward, the photo has been re-posted more than 300 times, there have been more 15,000 tweets utilizing his name, and a Facebook fan page has been set up in his honor. It has more than 11,000 devotees.

Batman canister Suparman's family have all the earmarks of being initially from the Indonesia island of Java - where the name Suparman is exceptionally basic, clarifies Ben Zimmer, a dialect reporter for the Wall Street Journal, who has worked in Indonesia and who has expounded on Suparman.

"Su" has Sanskrit starting points and is a typical prefix in Indonesia, highlighting in an entire rung of Indonesian presidents' names - including the current one Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. "Canister" signifies "child of" in Arabic, making it likely that Batman's dad was additionally called Suparman.

The Batman part is somewhat harder to clarify, however says Zimmer, as its not a conventional name in the district. The probably clarification is that his guardians picked it as a joke - Batman the superhero is prevalent there, and Indonesians are regularly energetic in the names they pick, says Zimmer. "I see the name as this fascinating juxtaposition of neighborhood naming with Western popular society."

Zimmer, for one, says he was pitiful to hear the news of Batman's capture and sentencing. He trusts one of the reasons he got to be such a star on online networking was a result of how youthful and pure he looked.