Policemen Laughed as I Tried to Save the Farmer on Tree,' Claims AAP Volunteer

NEW DELHI: Gajendra Singh Rajput, an agriculturist from Rajasthan climbed a tree at a Jantar Mantar rally of the Aam Aadmi Party today, a sweeper, the party's image, in one hand. He was seen yelling something, his words overwhelmed by sloganeering and talks beneath.

He was on the tree for around 20-25 minutes, witnesses said, and afterward abruptly the agriculturist tossed what ended up being a suicide note to the ground and hanged himself with his white shawl.

It was expansive sunshine when Gajendra Singh murdered himself out in the open, about a kilometer far from Parliament, which is in session. There were a few layers of policemen sent. Anyway an AAP volunteer, who said he climbed the tree after the rancher to attempt and spare him, asserted that no policeman ventured forward to offer assistance.