3 Dollar world is really a world of oppertunity. A new online service is getting super hit.

 3 Dollar world.com is the world’s largest market place where various products and services are available from only $3. The website provides a platform where buyers get quality services from highly skilled professionals at affordable rates. 

Services provided

All the products and services offered in the website are arranged in different categories and they include the following-:

• Gifts and Music – includes items such as greeting cards, arts and crafts, video greetings, post cards, etc

• Graphics and design – includes logo design, photography, landing pages, brochures cover, business cards etc

• Video and Animation – includes stop motions, puppet, editing and post production etc

• Online Marketing – includes web analytics, fan pages, keyword research, article submissions etc

• Writing and Translation – includes website content, translations, press releases, reviews, resume writing etc

• Advertising – includes flyer and handouts, human billboards, radio, music promotion, banner advertising etc

• Business category – includes business plan, career advice, presentations, financial consulting etc

• Programming and Tech – includes Net, databases, java, wordpress, Flash etc

• Audio Editing and Mastering – includes song writing, music lessons, rap music, custom songs etc

• Fun & Bizarre – includes pranks, dancers, celebrity impersonators etc.


• Lifestyle – includes relationship advice, diet and weight loss, health and fitness, etc

How the website works

Anyone wishing to use the site is required to register as either a buyer or a seller at no cost. They will provide their details and other necessary information which will enable them gain access and use the various features of the website. Sellers are required to create their profiles complete with a profile image and a summary of their profession. 

For the buyers, once they have created their accounts, they will be required to log in for them to order any buysell. Once logged in, they will find the various products and services under the Buy Sell section. When they find a particular product or service they are interested in buying, they will click on it to be directed to the page with more details about the product where they are also given the opportunity to place their orders.

Buyers have to pay for their products and services in advance and for each $3 product or services that a seller successfully delivers, they will receive net earnings of $2.5 which they can withdraw via PayPal.

Importance of Social Media Footprint for You Business

The entry of a robust social media has completely revolutionized how businesses operate in the present times. Companies have tapped into social media to grow their brands in leaps and bounds while other companies have lost big revenues due to the effects of social media. This has proven that the platforms are indeed double edged swords which can have both positive and negative effects to your business. Here are some ways through which a business can benefit by having an active social following-:

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization makes it easy for the search engines to find your websites in the internet. If your business has proof of an active social following as displayed by a large number of facebook like, the search engines will perceive your websites as one with quality content due to the number of likes and consequently reward you with better rankings.


Many companies have taken to the social platforms to expose their brands to the millions of eyeballs present out there. Companies will always make a YouTube video and get a lot of youtube like to give an impression that their product is being watched by a lot of viewers and as a result, there will be a general feeling that the product is of good value. This is a great way of promoting a brand and increasing its awareness amongst the potential customers.

Interaction with customers

The social platforms have also provided a perfect opportunity for businesses to interact with their customers almost in real time basis. Companies have complete profiles on the social sites and they post regular marketing materials such as video to keep their customers engaged and constantly reminding them about their products. They also offer support to customers who might have any concerns relating to the company via the social sites.

For those that are not yet seasoned with the social media marketing, there are a number of ways to increase your footprints within the social platforms. It can take a long time to build naturally but you can always buy legitimate social proof from various companies and get your brand noticed within a short period of time.