Sympathy toward farmers as area bill being changed: Rahul

Tending to a gigantic rally at the Ramlila Maidan on Sunday, Congress VP Rahul Gandhi said agriculturists the nation over were living in apprehension since they felt that the Modi government had overlooked them and was working for the rich.

The rally, sorted out to challenge against the Narendra Modi governments questionable area obtaining bill, was Mr Gandhi's rebound occasion after a since quite a while ago unexplained vacation far from governmental issues.

"Agriculturists are anxious about the progressions that are being acquainted with the (area) bill we had gotten 2013. Today, when a rancher goes to bed, he doesn't recognize what will happen to his territory the following day. He is living in trepidation," Mr Gandhi told the get-together.

"At whatever point the Congress government could help the ranchers, we did it. We waived off agriculturists' credits worth 70,000 crore rupees. We acquired MNREGA for the workers. Whatever we did, we accomplished for poor people," he included.

He said the Congress would keep on battling the fight for agriculturists and would develop triumphant by and by.

Congress president Sonia Gandhi likewise assaulted the Modi government, saying that the BJP was planning against ranchers. "They have acquainted corrections with a law that they had assented to, and is master agriculturist," she said.

"The revisions are being made to advantage corporates and industrialists... The administration isn't prepared to get wheat from agriculturists, however is marking import manages Australia," she included.