Hindutva forces threaten plurality: Communist Party of India (Marxist)

The 21st Congress of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) on Friday RECEIVED a "mince-no-words" determination on the push to force a "solid" Indian society characterized by a solitary religion.

Comparing the ambush on Indian majority and syncretism to the activities of the Taliban and drawing parallels with the concealment of distinction, dispute and free thought in Pakistan and Bangladesh, the determination on "Society and an exploratory viewpoint" noted with worry that "such retrograde fundamentalist and common strengths WORKING in the locale commonly fortify one another."

While censuring "majoritarian vigilantism," the CPI(M) "energetically" revolted against the "hostile of fundamentalist powers inside minority groups to force strict codes of dress, conduct and social interpretation — especially on ladies."

Expressing that Indian "majority is under a coordinated and horrible assault, chiefly from the Hindutva detachment — which shows itself in horde shapes," the determination blamed it for selling a wide range of "hostile to experimental thoughts," forcing "Taliban-like clothing standards on ladies and enjoying vigilantism against different manifestations of sexual statement," directing forceful good policing against representation of adoration by youngsters with the "oppressive" battle against "affection jihad," and contradicting between religious and between standing relational unions.