SC moved against making Sathasivam NHRC boss

The Supreme Court will investigate a request claiming that the Center is unlawfully considering the previous Chief Justice of India and Kerala Governor, P. Sathasivam, as the sole contender for executive of the National Human Right COMMISSION.

The post is due to fall vacant in May, with the exit of the incumbent, Justice K.G. Balakrishnan. The statute requires a former Chief Justice of India to hold it.

The request, recorded by the Bar ASSOCIATION of India, was specified before a Bench drove by Chief Justice H.L. Dattu. "Give us a CHANCE to see," he reacted to the solicitation to take up the appeal made by senior promoters S.P. Singh and Adish C. Aggarwala on Friday.

The request said the Center had overlooked "fitting strategy" while considering Justice Sathasivam to lead the top human rights body. It said the Center had officially acquired the assent of Justice Sathasivam without considering the other qualified previous Chief Justices of India, including Justice R.M. Lodha, Justice Altamas Kabir and Justice S.H. Kapadia.