Mumbai to Goa ferry services to be revived

If the project sees the light of the day, tourists will be able to enjoy the Konkan coast as they set sail Depending upon the financial feasibility, a long-distance luxury (air-conditioned) cruise with a capacity of 200-300 passengers or less than 200 passengers is proposed to be operated. According to sources, the government had offered financially attractive proposal with subsidies and other facilities to the two firms and the chances of one of them bagging the contract is high.

Conde Nast Traveller reports Port authorities in Mumbai and Goa are in talks with private operators to (re)start a catamaran service between the two destinations. Chairman of the Marmugao Port Trust in Goa told journalists on Tuesday that the service is “expected to launch in a few months”. The official said he already had a written confirmation from his counterpart in Mumbai, and tenders for the project have been floated.

A trip from Mumbai to Panjim would take just seven hours, and give passengers some stunning views of the Konkan coast. A global expression of interest proposal jointly floated by the Mumbai Port Trust (MbPT) and the Murmugao Port Trust has attracted two firms.