Shanaya Abigail from a fashion model to a Bollywood actress.

Shanaya Abigail born in April 15, 1995, known in the fashion modeling industry her name Hot model Shanaya Abigail is a UK born Indian-English actress and fashion model, currently works in Bollywood films. Shanaya was a former short film actor. Abigail know as UKgail in the industry. Abigail also known as Shanaya love. She was the hot model of the Year in 2012 by, Abigail was a contract fashion model for 3 dollar world.

Abigail has played majour part in brandsoftheday mainline events, short films. Shanaya's first mainline appearance was in 2010, when she acted as a car wash girl for top car brand calender design. In 2011, Abigail was part of a UK TV show Hot girls in town. She selected for Indian TV show Modles by Moods, but later that show was canceled.

In 2013 Shanaya made her first music videos erotic tale with F&M films, that video made her intrest in to Bollywood form shortfilms. Thriller Abigail was her 2nd music video that made her focus to a hot actress.

After her music loves Abigail has been part of the "naked walk" to raise voice for the animal write and protection campaign with a animal lover team.

In 2014, Abigail introduced to media his boyfreind.

Shanaya Abigail was born in UP, and movied to UK with her parents. Her father family was a famer family in UP and some was living in Delhi. Abigail was very much passionated in fashion modeling and nude painting while she was at collage. Shanaya done her first nude paiting photoshoot for a collage friend photographer.

In fact Shanaya's family was hindhu, her parents send her to christian school, it was a start for to change a local village girl to a bold fashion model. When Abigail was at the age of  15, her family moved to london, that move made her dream come true. Shanaya's first modeling portfolio " Shanaya Serve" done their with photographer friend. Before getting in the fashion modeling industry, Abigail worked at a tour and travel agency as client servicing exicutive. Shanaya's dad wanted she to become a air hostess but her mother wanted her to be health care massage therapist.

Abigail made her brand name as a bold model after publishing her portfolio on fashionandmovie casting world, she has said that once i was a UP girl before i enter in to F&M now i am a UK girl with lots of confidance.In the first month it self Abigail was the cover girl of F&M. After F&M Abigail posed for a UK based magazine as a semi nude model, and feature was about sex and tourism cities. After the City Holiday 2015 edition she done 4 new modeling project based on travel and tourisum.

In 2015, Shanaya Abigail enter in to the indian youtube gray world markets and Abigail made a contract with youtube markting company to work with based on profit making bases, that was a big step for Shanaya, ans she was more open in front of camera to get a big name in the online world, Abigail first 1 million view was done with in week times. 

The online model Abigail made her name very fast , Shanaya signed a year contract with choclate film with which she transformed into the world of online girls, open to that she was doing only hot photoshoot scenes as a model. Her first role in movie was a milk selling girl in a bojpuri movie lovely released in november 2015. 

Shanaya's next film, wonder girl Abigail, was the first digital movie for Shanaya, who was the first online actress to make such a movie.

After two weeks of shoot, the short film relased on web, the movie won her her first online brake on Australiya. Based on the Abigail first hit in Australiyan market, sea blue production made a game based film with Shanaya Abigail, it was a diffrant kind of entertainment for the audiance. Abigail's last entertainment movie made by Sea blue in South africa, and The Abigail girl  perfomance was with Ricvy. The film was released in Jan 2015.

In April 2015, Shanaya made a new acting contract with Sea Blue for a new film, Abigail agreed to actentertainment online film for the first time in top less in front of camera, but with a condition that will not put in youtube, only on for private view. That season Abigail done breast implants by a cosmetic surgeon and shot her topless film under the new channel "Abigail sea". 

The "Abigail sea" led to Shanaya for new beginning, Abigail signed 4 new contract after releasing the that film. In addition to selected her for Female online of the season. In March 2016, Shanaya Abigail made a statement that she like to work with other production house too and showed intrest on Bollywood too.

A producer offerd her a lead role on a Bollywood movie and in the first meet itself Abigail reject his offer, because he was the one as film maker, director, hero, cinematography etc.. and the script is full of unnatural erotic storys.

In 2016 Abigail come down to Hyderabad to do a low budget movie "Chinmaya" with co star reshma. Shanaya done her job, but the movie was not noticed buy the industry because of the bad direction and film making.

In May 2016, Shanaya started her own film studio, Abigail Films, with her photographer friend as business partner. Shanaya's business plan was to direct and market own brand of videos and short films in English. But the idea of naked creative films, producers are not visualized the way Abigail thinks, Most of the financial investors want Shanaya to be act like B grade movie actress. It was tough time for Shanaya Abigail as film maker still her own prouction made the moive "chumanna theruvil" (A south Indian language movie) 

In Novemebr 2016, Abigail started a casting house "Shanaya Studio" in UK, the USP was creative nude models. After 3 months Shanaya closed that office for unknown reason. 

No longer exclusive to "Shanaya Studio", Abigail started working with other film makers and live performers for private partys and events. Abigail won the "Web Babe of UK" at the 2016 web live event. Abigail business websites is run under her banner Shanaya Abigail L.L.C. She reveal that 65 per cent of money comes from Indian online users.