Rajya Sabha passes new Juvenile Justice Bill, Nirbhaya's mom "happy"

The Rajya Sabha on Tuesday passed the Juvenile Justice Bill, which will guarantee that starting now and into the foreseeable future 16-year-olds included in horrifying crime will be indicted as grown-ups. 

The bill was taken up against the background of hubbub over the arrival of an adolescent convict in the horrifying pack assault and murder of a 23-year-old young lady on December 16, 2012. 

"I am happy, yet dismal that my girl couldn't get equity," Nirbhaya's mom said after section of the Bill. 

"Adolescent Justice Bill which has been gone in RS is a tribute to our girl," Nirbhaya's dad said. 

Maneka Gandhi- Women and child development minister, who had moved the Bill said, "I'm upbeat that everybody bolstered the Juvenile Justice Bill and need to thank everybody." 

The Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Bill, 2014, accommodates the trial of those between 16-18 years as grown-ups for terrible offenses. Likewise, anybody between the age of 16-18 who submits a less genuine offense may attempted as a grown-up on the off chance that he is captured after he accomplishes the age of 21. 

Prior, a few gatherings, including the NCP, CPM and the DMK, pushed for sending the bill to a select board of trustees, contending that further examination was required to choose whether the age for correctional activity ought to be decreased to 16 years from the present 18 years. 

Moving the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Bill for thought and entry, ladies and tyke advancement priest Maneka Gandhi on Tuesday said the enactment is "caring" and complete in nature. 

She said adolescent wrongdoing is the quickest rising section of wrongdoing. "You can't have a more extensive, more nuanced and empathetic Bill," she said. 

Contacting the primary restriction party, she reminded the Congress that the Bill was theirs and not hers or the NDA government's. 

"We will be unable to take care of the adolescent convict in the Nirbhaya case however we can stop numerous different young men," she said. 


• The Rajya Sabha on Tuesday passed the Juvenile Justice Bill 

• 16-year-olds included in horrifying violations would now be indicted as grown-ups. 

• "I am fulfilled however tragic that my little girl couldn't get equity," Nirbhaya's mom said after entry of the Bill.