Pathanamthitta police blame school and family for negligence in Adoor group rape case.

The police have captured 15 persons regarding the Adoor group rape case till date. Sooranad police captured six persons, while Enath police captured nine others. Every one of them are in legal guardianship and police will document a chargesheet soon. 

The two young girls from the same school, age 14 and 15, were sexually attacked by two separate groups on December 4 and 5. Police in the test group said there was more to the case than what the young girls related. In both cases, they knew the perpetrators.What happened was not a `abductioncum-assault'. The obliviousness of relatives and the carelessness of school management were two basic angles. 

A group lead by one of the girls' boy friend, took them to a pack part's home and sexually bugged them. A man, who was familiar with the other girls's family, saw them running with the group. The following day, he told the girl's mom that she required counseling and he will take her himself for that. Be that as it may, rather, he took her to his companion's home and pack assaulted her. 

"In both cases, the young girls hail from poor families," said the officer. One of them had been assaulted and impregnated by her step-father before."Hence it is clear that the both  were ugirls was unconscious of what was transpiring. They may have suspected that these things were ordinary," he included. 

Obviously in the wake of understanding these actualities, the neighborhood judge precluded conceding the care from securing the young ladies to their moms. They are at present living at a safe house home.