Malayalam new movie prithviraj's ezra

Prithviraj's film was about the story of ezra, which will transform the old style of horror films in Malayalam cinema. Did the film and director Jai Keek have a chance to look forward to seeing the film coming to theaters in the end? Needless to say, the director succeeded to some extent in his endeavor.

Ezra can become a ghostless obsession in Malayalam cinema. 

Jai Kai has been able to do his job fairly without the crown of the beginner. Ezra has been able to hold the audience in the theater without boring from the start to the end. If you stop the scenes and dialogues from the start, the picture is influencing the viewer as it reaches the climax.

The telling factor is the performance of the cast in the movie. As usual, Prithviraj did his best to score his own role. Priya Anand and Sudheem are all set to do well. Even if it appears only in the lowest scenes, Tino has been able to prove her talent to prove her experience in a single shoot. Sujith Shankar who was Rabi Marcus did not get rid of.

The biggest feature of the film is the story of the Jews. In fact, there is not much film in the background of Jewish religion. Ezra has been able to keep the dubuk box and its mystery surrounding it.

Even though the film is not a permanent ghost of Malayalam cinema, there are a lot of clever scenes in ezra. In Ezra, there are also ghosts of the ghosts in the mirror, the ghost on the shelves, the ghost of the night light, the dead of the TV and lap top, the ghost of the screen and the English films. Swinging horror attempts are also stoning.

The tag line of the film Ezra was the new name for the epicenter. But the film has not been able to reach it. Twibts in the climax can be said to be the next moment in all the scenes. So it is not shocking or confusing. The image highlights the climax, even if it's seen in a lot of pictures. Similar climax scenes have also been seen in some of Prithvi's movies.

In the picture, one is shown as 'soul of Abraham Ezra who is free from body'. The soul of the picture is these words. Movie is the revenge of Era. But Ezra's flashback story is not justified to the mystery created by the dubook box with this dialog. The soul of a movie is its script. But Jai Kai has been able to portray the film which has been weakened by the soul.

 The background music and songs of the film are on average. Cinematography is terrible. Prithviraj has been able to do justice to the character of his character but he needs a change of direction as an actor. We see in Ranjana the worst humor that we have seen in Seventh Day, Mumbai Police and Memories. To get more and more different characters, he'd have to wait long.