Kerala police stop biker in full safety gear and take off his costly bike, without helmet. 

In a completely amusing episode in Kerala by police, a man riding a bike was halted for overspeeding, following which the police took his bike and take off without a helmet. 

A KTM RC390 proprietor was riding with finish security equip, including gloves and a helmet, and was inside as far as possible as indicated by the biker. (Despite the fact that we dont see it in the video) 

Movement police requesting that he stop to the side and without disclosing to him what he did, they requested his bike key immediately. The biker clearly declined and inquired as to why he was halted. The police said he was overspeeding, to which he answered saying he was riding at 30 kmph. More police landed at the scene and requested that the biker hand over his keys. A senior police grabbed the keys from his hands and said they'll see him first at the station, and afterward at court. The biker took a Facebook Live video before the police rode away on his bike, without wearing a helmet. Such a great amount for obeying activity rules!