From understudy to Bihar's Lady Don: Story of Puja Pathak who wedded an imprisoned ex-criminal. 

Bihar's Lady Don Puja Pathak is by and by in news. Discharged on safeguard only three days back, the lady criminal has at the end of the day been captured for undermining a representative. 

She was at one time an understudy of Patna Polytechnic College. She now has more than two dozen criminal bodies of evidence against her. Her story is an unadulterated Bollywood-esque stuff. 

The Sheohar Police captured Puja Pathak, who has earned the moniker Lady Don, on a grumbling recorded by a representative Sanjay Shah. Affirming Puja Pathak's capture, SP Prakashnath Mishra said she was discharged on safeguard subsequent to being conceded safeguard by the Patna High Court three days back. 

In his grievance, Sanjay Shah asserted that Puja had debilitated her of critical results after he questioned her introducing a water cooler machine infront of his shop. 

Her fixation for a rich life and cash conveyed Puja to the universe of wrongdoing. From 2012 to 2014 when she was imprisoned, Puja's name has been connected with more than two dozen instances of plunder, kill, blackmail, grabbing. 

Puja, who hails from Sakra Keshopur town in Muzaffarpur region, was an understudy of Patna Polytechnic College. She needed to become famous in life yet needed it the less demanding way. 

Police say she forayed into the universe of wrongdoing by plundering drivers in the wake of hitching a ride. Her group incorporated a few men who helped Puja in overwhelming the casualties in the wake of infusing them with narcotics. 

Puja was captured in 2013 and sent to Sheohar imprison where she was stricken by criminal Mukesh Pathak who was imprisoned for killing a specialist in Darbhanga. Sharpshooter Mukesh was an individual from Bihar's feared Santosh Jha group. Mukesh is currently departing suddenly. 

Mukesh and Puja got hitched while they were in prison. An enormous discussion emitted after reports surfaced that Puja and Mukesh used to meet inside the workplace of the right hand jailor at Sheohar imprison in net infringement of prison manual. 

Puja brought forth a child young lady in March, 2016 in Muzaffarpur. She was discharged on safeguard a week ago yet captured again on Monday for undermining an agent.