Bajaj Dominar 400 is trying to state that Royal Enfield is their brand competitor.

Bajaj Dominar 400 released a new brand building advertising campaign shows that Royal Enfield is a like Elephant, using old engine and technology, on that Dominar 400 advt trying to say that Enfield is not good for high range and hill ride. For that Bajaj Dominar shows bike riders on top of elephant wear helmet and trying get on a hill road. Using Royal Enfield silencer sound to indicate to show the competitor brand is Enfield. End of this ad shows that Bajaj Dominar 400 bike riders move forward very easily in that road. At last Dominar ad positioning says " Don't keep elephant at home " 

But the industry experts says its a wrong ad and the kind of ads will kill a good brand, According to Sunil Kumar, Creative Director, overture communications " Enfield have a different kind of brand image, its passion of a kind of people, Bajaj Dominar 400 tying to get in to that target group, by saying Dominar is better then their favorite brand Enfield, will not help to buid the brand image of Dominar 400 and it may affect a negative impact to that target group.

Now its prove that industry experts was right, Enfield lovers started to react on Dominar 400 ads. Trolls started coming out against the Dominar 400 TV ads.